Putting young people at the heart of our solution

Our Products

Our product portfolio is constantly growing in response to our customers’ needs and the changing local authority landscape.

Each of our products is purpose built to meet the specific needs of Children’s Services Departments and Organisations. Where appropriate, our products are developed in line with government specifications and designed in consultation with our customer base to provide practical and easy to use solutions, with many time saving features.

Developing products that empower our customers is of utmost importance, and so users are able to customise the software throughout. Utility tools are also provided to allow customers to manage their own data.

We allow full access to the database which empowers customers to write their own reports using our chosen reporting tool, Crystal Reports.

Core+ Framework

Core+ is C:Vision’s fully web-based, single database solution for Integrated Youth Support. Each one of our Core+ solutions is part of the single Core+ database; we don’t plug in, we don’t bolt on, we simply switch on the module(s) that match..

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CareerVision | Youth Justice

Youth Justice Teams are concerned with addressing young people’s offending behaviour, ensuring their safety and wellbeing, as well as protecting the public and wider community. With shrinking budgets and growing caseloads, youth justice teams find..

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CareerVision | CCIS

Our market leading Core+ CCIS (Client Caseload Information System) module is perfect for the tracking of young people, case management, and managing the delivery of targeted support. Core+ CCIS is fully compliant with the DfE's (Department for..

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CareerVision | Families

Core+ Families has been designed and developed for services to record any work they do at family level. As with all our Core+ modules, Core+ Families encompasses all the benefits of the Core+ Framework including screen designer, role based..

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CareerVision | S.M.A.S.H

Core+ S.M.A.S.H (Substance Misuse and Sexual Health) was developed in partnership with our customers and in consultation with Public Health England. The Core+ S.M.A.S.H module fulfils all the legislative and reporting requirements of the NDTMS..

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CareerVision | Youth Activity

Core+ Youth Activity is the most widely used Youth Activity recording solution in England. Our comprehensive Project and Sessions structures allow services to record youth activities along with plans, aims and objectives, membership lists, dynamic..

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CareerVision | WEX

Employing all the flexibility, security and reporting facilities available as part of the Core+ Framework, the Core+ Work Experience module provides an effective and simple to use tool for the management of work experience and skills development..

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CareerVision | ILR

C:Vision’s Core+ ILR module is the latest addition to our portfolio. Delivered through our tried and tested Core+ Framework allowing for seamless integration with other C:Vision modules. C:Vision’s Core+ ILR module has been specifically designed..

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CareerVision | Child Licensing

Core+ Child Licensing is our dedicated module which manages all aspects of Child Licensing. It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for performance licences and the supervision of children within each Local Authority area. Core+..

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CareerVision | Victim Support

C:Vision’s Core+ Victim Module assists Youth Offending Services in their restorative work with victims of crime. Whilst part of our ‘single’ database solution, Core+ Victim Support stores victim’s information separately from the offenders,..

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