Putting young people at the heart of our solution

Core+ Child Licensing is our dedicated module which manages all aspects of Child Licensing. It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for performance licences and the supervision of children within each Local Authority area.

Core+ Child Licensing manages all elements of Child Licensing from licence applications, health and safety inspections, chaperone licences through to the generation and management of entertainment and performance licences.

Working in partnership with Cheshire West and Chester Council C:Vision recognised that all Local Authorities are required to manage licensing requests for young people aged 13 to 16 who wish to take on part time jobs or for young people aged 0 to 16 who wish to take part in entertainment performances or modelling.

Core+ Child Licensing includes a Child Licence record that is linked to the both the young person’s record and the entity record (Local Employers, Production Companies, Agencies). Multiple types of licence can be created, all of which are displayed as a chronological history which can be filtered and exported to other formats. For the employment licences we have included checks around the working times and hours; for the performance licenses we have included fields to capture other requirements such as transport, education, accommodation and chaperones. All license types allow medical details to be captured and the ability to upload photographs and other documentation such as consent forms. The Licenses can be printed directly from the system and saved for reference purposes.

Core+ Child Licensing includes a record for recording the details of local employers, production companies and agencies. All licence requests can be recorded simultaneously against the young person record and the respective organisation record. The organisation record includes a Health and Safety record which allows the Local Authority to record Health and Safety visits and their outcomes with the facility to upload any Health and Safety documentation to the record.