Putting young people at the heart of our solution

Core+ is C:Vision’s fully web-based, single database solution for Integrated Youth Support.

Each one of our Core+ solutions is part of the single Core+ database; we don’t plug in, we don’t bolt on, we simply switch on the module(s) that match your local service delivery. These include,

Core+ uses a single core client record for the recording of all activities and data relating to a young person. Our unique framework provides the utmost in:

  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Data Quality
  • Management Information (MI) and Reporting
  • User Experience

Core+ promotes the best in data sharing and cross service reporting, yet at the same time employs extensive role based security for the protection and safe guarding of young people data.

Flexibility is second to none. The ‘MyVision’ dynamic home page delivers key information to the user in real time, as well as a range of useful shortcuts and user tools. The unique screen designer allows services to customise their data screens, menus, and searches to remove screen clutter whilst allowing local terminology to be used.

Our proactive approach to data quality is the ethos behind our error management and workflow systems, which promote accurate data recording for improved reporting.

Unlimited reporting is available throughout Core+. Because Core+ is a single database, reporting can be performed across multiple service disciplines using SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports as the main reporting tool.

User experience is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any system. Core+ is easy to navigate with intuitive input screens, input wizards and workflow, ensuring the right data is inputted in the right place and in the right format.

Saving time when it comes to inputting and updating data is a driving principle behind Core+. We strongly follow the concept of “record once, use many times”, saving valuable time for practitioners.

And when it comes to cost, we can promise you value for money too. Our solutions are inclusive of data management tools and flexible licensing which means; the more solutions you switch on, the bigger the saving.