Putting young people at the heart of our solution

Youth Justice Teams are concerned with addressing young people’s offending behaviour, ensuring their safety and wellbeing, as well as protecting the public and wider community. With shrinking budgets and growing caseloads, youth justice teams find it increasingly difficult to carry out their work whilst ensuring all case management recording is completed correctly.

Managers need to be able to monitor caseloads and identify potential issues quickly. Service Heads, MI managers and Performance analysis teams are being asked to provide more and more performance and evaluation information to satisfy management boards, support funding bids and generate accurate reports on both local and national initiatives.

C:Vision’s Core+ Youth Justice module has been in operation since 2013 and is live in 28 authorities across the UK. It is delivered through our tried and tested Core+ Framework allowing easy integration with other C:Vision modules. C:Vision’s Core+ Youth Justice module has been specifically designed for Youth Offending Teams to record all aspects of Youth Justice Case Management. Our Youth Justice module strikes the right balance between recording information and accurately reporting on the data.

C:Vision’s Core+ Youth Justice module provides a system which reduces the recording burden on Youth Justice practitioners, allowing them the time to concentrate on engaging with young people. Whether it is the recording of offence and outcome detail or assessment planning and intervention, the Core+ Youth Justice module takes the strain and reuses information throughout the system, reducing duplications and the need for extra work.

C:Vision’s Core+ fully meets the requirements of the YJB AssetPlus framework, which is included in the Youth Justice module at no extra cost and can be activated in line with customers’ YJB deployment schedule. In addition, it also supports parallel running during the implementation of the project and stores historic Asset records once AssetPlus has gone live. C:Vision’s YJMIS data extract tool applies to all current versions of the schema and is in line with the requirements of the YJB. Our extract tool allows for error checking and data cleaning within the system, prior to upload.

Youth Justice is part of our Core+ system, meaning it can integrate easily with our CCIS, Youth Activity, Families and S.M.A.S.H modules, allowing the sharing of information and generating cost savings on licences and operating costs when deployed across multiple teams.